Paid enrolment steps

PayPal enrolment steps PayPal enrolment steps.

Learning Engine supports payment for course enrolment in NZQA accredited courses. If payment is required for the course you are interested in, it will clearly indicate the cost in the course information.

NZQA accredited courses also require an additional enrolment step once you have access to the course itself. After you have access to the course, you will need to provide some additional enrolment details and proof of identity to unlock full access course content

Steps to fully enrol in an NZQA accredited course:

From your course providers landing page or the course catalogue page, click "Go to course". You will see additional details on the enrolment options page, including specific instructions on enrolment steps. But the general set of steps to follow will be:

  1. Login
    1. Click the Login/Create account button
    2. If you already have an account on Learning Engine you can login and you will return to the enrolment options page
    3. If you are new to Learning Engine
      • Click on the create an account button and complete the account form (you can read more about creating an account here
      • Confirm email account, login and return to the course enrolment options page
  2. Make payment
    1. Once logged in you will see a button option to Pay via PayPal
    2. Complete your payment
    3. When payment is completed you will return to Learning Engine and should be able to access your course immediately
  3. Access course
    1. View course introduction and initial tour
    2. Complete the NZQA enrolment form to be able to access all course content except assessments
    3. Supply Photo ID to be able to view and submit assessments, earn the digital badge and NZQA micro-credential

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