NZAPI - Transferring staff between organisations

If you have staff join your organisation who completed NZAPI assessments from mid-2021, their records will be retained in the system and can be set to show against your organisation reports.

If you don’t want previous assessments to show under your organisation, just use standard the “Enrol my team” option via your dashboard to add them to your organisation. The staff member can choose to create a new account or use their existing account to login.

If you want previous records to show under your organisation, fill in our support form with their names and new email address details so the Learning Engine team can make the necessary changes. They will send the staff member an email with instructions on how to login AND confirm when changes have been made so you can invite the staff member to complete the assessments.

If staff have any issues or they do not show in your dashboard reports, please use the support form to contact the Learning Engine team.

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