Creating your account

When you decide you want to start your learning, you need to create an account and enrol.

A flow chart on how to create an account in the Learning Engine A flow chart on how to create an account in the Learning Engine

  1. Go to the Login page and choose the Create new account button.
  2. Fill in the account creation form and submit it.
    Tip: you must use your own email address, not a shared one.

  3. You should receive an email from us, asking you to click a link to confirm your email address. 
    Tip: Check your spam/junk folder if you can't find the “Confirm your Learning Engine account email address” message in your inbox within 5 minutes. If you don't receive this email, fill in our Support request form so we can make sure it gets to you. 

  4. Click the confirmation link in the confirmation message. This should return you to the Learning Engine, acknowledge your account has been confirmed and allow you to click a Login button.

Congratulations! You should now be able to login with your new username/password.

If you can't see the course you were expecting to see when you login, try these options:

  1. If you received a personal invitation to enrol in a course, try going back to your original email and clicking on the Enrol now link there.
  2. If you were just browsing the course list on the site, you can to use the Explore link in our navigation menu to find and enrol in the course.

Check out the Enrolling in our courses help page if you have any further problems.

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