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You will attend a blended learning course based at the Whataroa Hub to help you create your own personalised Farm Plan (FP) through a series of supported, guided workshops.

Work alongside other farmers in your catchment, discuss common issues, discover new ideas or solutions to improving the water quality in your community. 

  • Duration: 4 months

Course Schedule

  • 17th March: Meet-up Online orientation and account creation. Local Support (Stacey, Mark, Leo or Lyn)
  • 31st March: Workshop / Farm visit Introduction to the program - Understand risk and mitigation on-farm. Dairy Training NZ (Stu/Hamish)
  • 14th April: Supported session Review the online learning platform. Start your plan by identifying risks. Start completing the Farm Plan template. Local Support (Stacey, Mark, Leo or Lyn)
  • 28th April: Workshop Continue your Farm Plan, create actions, group discussion on common risks. Dairy Training NZ (Stu/Hamish)
  • 12th May: Supported session Introduction to Greenhouse Gas emissions (GHG). Local Support (Stacey, Mark, Leo or Lyn)
  • 26th May: Workshop GHG – understand your numbers and creating a plan. Dairy Training NZ (Rachael)
  • 9th June: Supported session Check-in on template progress. Local Support (Stacey, Mark, Leo or Lyn)
  • 23rd and 24th June: Farm visit Receive an on-farm visit to look at your plan, check progress and see if anything’s missing. Dairy Training NZ (Stu/Hamish)

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